The questions you might be asking yourselves are, what is BLBLBA and who is BLBLBA? Well, BLBLBA stands for Bianca Lee Batsheva Leah Belman-Adams. This unique combination of names is what my parents decided to call me. Being the original individuals that I know them to be, both decided to
keep their surnames, and join them together. In addition when I was
born I had to be given a first name, a second name, a first hebrew name, a second hebrew name, and obviously took on my parents surname, being Belman (my mom’s) and Adams (my dad’s). Thus, here we have Bianca Lee Batsheva Leah Belman-Adams.

Having mutiple names is not my only unique aspect, I also am an individual with many interests. I have designed different character illustrations to show off all of these traits. Each character has an accompanying poem which tells a bit about that character. Overall, these characters show off my multi-faceted personality traits.

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