This corporate identity is for a company
called Amani African Spas which is an
existing spa company in South Africa. I
chose to change their existing logo to one
which showed off how one feels when one
goes to a spa. The concept of free,
flowing, relaxed, gentle, soft movements,
sensual, euphoric, something which I
found was like that of milk, which not only
represents all of the above but is also
something that people bath in. Milk is also
supposed to be very good for one’s skin,
and this keeps in with the concept of a spa
being good for one.
Each part to the CI has a different sensual
saying on the reverse side or on the
following pages that accompany it. For
example, on the reverse side of the
compliment slip, the words ‘your soul is at
peace and is one with nature appears’.
The words ‘the ethereal experience’ were
used as the slogan as going to a spa is
something ‘ethereal’, and this also linked
in with the fact that ‘amani’ means peace
in Swahili. Amani Spas is a place where
one is able to forget about one’s problems,
sit back, relax and enjoy.
The words ‘Amani African Spa’ is done in
the Darden font as this was a requirement.

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