Grant Thornton

To develop a creative concept for Grant Thornton’s 2011/2012 graduate recruitment campaign.

Grant Thornton is the accounting firm that offers mentored training for signees across industries, which develops business intelligence.

Rationale: Tailored. Fit Your Future.
The business suit is synonymous with professionals across the world. The power behind a suit and the connotations it has with people makes it the perfect metaphor for a recruitment campaign. The suit conjures up ideas of success, wealth and power. Therefore it provides the ideal bridge between Grant Thornton and the new recruitment campaign Tailored. The suit is the quintessential dress code for business professionals and using the quest for the perfect suit as inspiration for the campaign, it provides a universal aspect that all aspiring professionals can relate to.

Grant Thornton is the accounting firms that offers mentored training for signees across industries which develops business intelligence.

Using the power of the suite, we will show how Grant Thornton develops business intellingence through mentorship.
Stage one: flash drives including lecture notes and videos.
Stage two: talks with alumni and experts
Stage three: events - invitations to specific students
Stage four: courses

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