Chocolate Chilli Sauce

There were three different flavours of chocolate, namely, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Each different type of chocolate could be used in cooking different foods, namely beef and lamb, chicken and seafood accordingly.
I decided to name my brand Elixir. The reason for this that I wanted it to seem like a potion bottle,
something so special and precious that one cannot
get enough of it.
Witchcraft terminology was used for the different
names for the bottles to give the bottles a more
enchanted and sacred feel, somewhat like that of elixir, which was said to turn metal into gold. The three names were Kundalini Elixir (dark chocolate), Foras Elixir (milk chocolate) and Ruam Elixir (white
chocolate). The direct mailer is a wooden box, with a little wooden paintbrush, a little bottle of elixir and a set of wet wipes inside. The symbol for the Elixir has been engraved into the front of the box to give it a mystical, old feel. The chocolate chilli Elixir can be used as a chocolate body paint, as well as on one’s food. This direct mailer could be used as a promotional tool and placed in shops like that of Lola Montez, La Senza, or Kitch Kool.

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