The world bullies you when you can't see

This assignment was a collaboration brief.
Myself, Talia Dabush, Alex Christodoulou and Lwandile were involved in creating the idea for this advertisement. From our research we found that eyesight problems are viewed as a disability. Our key insight is that people with bad vision have a continuous struggle in their everyday functioning with environment because of this impairment. Eyesight problems affect one’s judgements of situations for example a child may not be able to judge the gap between the train and the train platform properly and may trip. In so doing we were able to focus on these experiences and recreate ive instances where individuals would be able to interact with their surroundings. Our idea for our advert was ‘the world bullies you when you cant see’.

A young schoolboy appears and is walking in front of a pillar. The pillar shoves him and he stumbles to the side. Confused he looks around and continues walking. He gets to a set of stairs and beings walking up them. Suddenly the stair trips him. In dispair, the boy takes a breath, pulls himself together and carries on walking. He then walks past a stack of tyres and as he does, the tyres push him. He rubs his eye, and carries on to the street corner. As he is about to cross the street,he takes a step back onto the pavement. Suddenly people in white start to appear and walk in the street that the boy was about to cross. They form a line and lie down on the street. As they lie down, their white bodies morph and form a zebra crossing. We then see the little boy smiling. As the people morph into the zebra crossing, the voice over comes in saying ‘By adding R2,50 to Vision Mission when you purchase your Sterkinekor movie ticket, you can help a child see’. The screen the cute to the Sterkinekor logo, Vision Mission logo and Spec saver logo. The screen then fades to black.


Cast and Crew                                  Zebra Crossing Crew
Young boy - Wandile                            Johan Lourens                    Directors - Garon Campbell
                                                            Graham Ian                                          Danielle Erasmus
Graffiti Scene                                        David Kennedy                   Producers- Raeesah Essop
Tracey Gould                                        Abby Lombard                                     Mathapelo Mofokeng
Lenee Pretorius                                                                Cinematographers- Brendan Barnes

Stairs                                                                                                              Devin Toselli
David Kennedy                                 Tyres                                          Editor- Tanille Retief
                                                        Chanel Smit             Production Design- Richard Redman
Airbrush Artist                                  Thato Dladla                  Sound Design- Daniel Brocklbank
Charl Bubb                                                                                         Music- Danielle Erasmus
                                                                                              Visual Effects- Grant Davies
Behind the scenes cameraman                                          Paint provided by- Kryolan (Leigh)
Dominic Preuss                                                                           Assistants- Ariane Erasmus
Dimitrios Savva                                                                                              Chuane
                                                                                                                     Ikanyeng Motlhamme 

                                                                                  On Set Photographer- Jacq Terblanche

                                                                                            Makeup artist- Anika

Vision Mission Ad.mp4 Vision Mission Ad.mp4
Size : 5822.736 Kb
Type : mp4

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